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So it’s Christmas and I’ve decided to do a tumblr giveaway!
This is literally a giveaway with EVERYTHING, different styles and sizes. Over the years I’ve collected a lot of stuff that either I don’t want anymore or doesn’t fit me anymore. So here’s how it’s going to work:

Now for the rules. Do not ignore these.

Now for the fun part! These items are included in the giveaway:
-A medium sized pink and blue striped dress.
-A Large floral print shirt.
-A Small blue button up “Vintage America Jeans” top.
-A size 1 pair of dark blue Almost Famous jean shorts.
-A size 3 pair of light blue Almost Famous jean shorts.
-A brown and cream woven body belt. (Waist belt? Idk.)
-A size 6 pair of brown, heeled boots.
-A size 6 pair of coral wedges.
-A size 5 1/2 pair of white and brown wedges.
-A large skull patterned transparent hi lo shirt.
-A candy skull shirt, XL. (The kind that you put over like a tank top of something. I’m not sure what those are called.)
-A Medium size dress with a star pattern. Straps optional.
-Size 5 Black Lovesick jean shorts. (Purposely with slight rips.)
-Size 6 1/2 Black heeled boots.
-Size 6 1/2 Black heels, with bows on the front.
-A pink fuzzy hat with ears.
-A pink and black zebra print sleeping mask
-A “joyful” hangable picture frame.
-A size Large black and white polka dot dress, with a black bow.
-A copy of “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” by John Green.
-Two Man Overboard stickers. (One says Defend Pop Punk, the other says Lost Tape Collective.)
-Elizabeth Arden New York scent collection.   No Longer Included.
-Body Fantasies Signature collection (Japanese Cherry Blossom, Fresh White Musk, Twilight Mist. All Body Fragrance Sprays.)
-Chantilly Eau de Toilette Spray and Shower Gel.
-An Inch and a half Conair ceramic flat iron.
-A size Large “Hope” shirt from AZ.
-A copy of Flowers For Algernon.
-Size 00g star plugs.
-Never used Pantene “Frizzy to Smooth” shampoo for medium to thick hair.
-Biotera Ultra Moisturizing conditioner from Sally’s. (This can be included with the above since it’s only good for one or two uses.)
-The Early November’s album “For All Of This.”

Reblog as many times as you like. I will be using a generator to decide the winners! Good luck and happy holidays! c: 

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